Henry County Water Authority

McDonough, Georgia

As the designer for the Henry County Water and Sewer Department Office, Wakefield Beasley knew that enhanced collaboration and close coordination were imperative to keep the project on track. The schedule for this project was condensed, but more importantly, the services provided by the staff members housed within the space were integral to the operations of Henry County, its businesses, and its residents. Minimizing disruptions, phasing renovations and moving quickly, all while containing cost, were important factors to ensuring a positive outcome for this project.

To enhance the customer experience and improve working conditions, this building underwent renovations to the inefficient HVAC system along with a redesign of the customer service area, breakroom, and reconfiguration of existing restrooms to provide private employee access and new public restrooms. The team approached the work in phases to reduce the level of disturbance to employees and the public during regular business hours. Utilization of mobile furniture walls allowed for flexibility for future improvements. WBA attributes the project success to the level of attention dedicated to cost control early in the project.