Guest Blog – Retail Design: Using Aluminum Composite Panel Inside + Out

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Date: May 8, 2015

First let me introduce myself, James Margelony from Fairview Architectural, the manufacturer of Vitrabond aluminum composite panel, and I would like thank Wakefield and Beasley Associates for allowing me to be a guest on their Blog. Now let’s dive in, shall we?

Nowadays contemporary building design is everywhere. Prime examples of this architectural trend are seen the in Corporate ID world, where retail branded stores are increasingly using Aluminum Composite Panels to create that “WOW” factor to catch the eye and fight for space in the short attention spans of today’s shopper.

O'Riordan Street, Alexandria (4)

So why are Aluminum Composite Panels used so extensively to promote a brand image?

Design Flexibility – Using architecture to convey your brand

ACP (the acronym for Aluminum Composite Panels, by the way) offers virtually unlimited design flexibility compared to traditional building materials, and with nearly endless color and finish options the architecture can be used to express the brand, creating an attractive atmosphere to potential clients.

Westfield Kotara, MBA, Hunter St. 001

Trend Compliant – Keep up with changing times

As you know, the Retail Sector is driven by the Millennials, so retail designers must have the ability to adapt the architecture to these changing times, whether simply a facelift on an existing building or new construction. We are witnessing architects using Aluminum Composite Panels in innovative ways we never thought possible, especially in the retail sector.


Affordable – because a brand refresh has a budget

The retail industry has proven is that the unlimited range of colors and finishes available with aluminum composite panels gives the corporate reimage project more “bang for the buck”, using not only solid and metallic colors, but realistic faux finishes like wood grains, patterns, and even printed images. For the upmarket retail project, natural metals like copper, zinc and stainless steel become much more affordable in a composite form.

Necessity is the mother of invention… ACP is light weight, resilient, and the coil-coated finishes offer the highest durability in applied coatings… providing the versatility required for tomorrow’s architecture that yesterday’s building materials could not deliver.

Written by: James Margelony, Communications Manager at Fairview Architectural.
Contribution by: Bill Guevremont, Architect Account Manager at Fairview Architectural