Guest Blog: Georgia Civil, Inc.

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Date: May 15, 2015

How does Georgia Civil, Inc get their site planning done quickly, efficiently and at the right price? According to Todd Peaster at Georgia Civil, Inc the answer is a solid understanding of the basics and then utilizing technology called SITEOPS.

Optimization technology is streamlining the site development industry.

Conceptual site planning that would normally take weeks to understand and quantify in the third dimension can now be produced within hours.  This game changing technology, called SITEOPS,  is allowing developers to make smarter decisions, in less time, while substantially lowering site development costs.

How does it work you ask?   

SITEOPS, and a planner trained in this technology, allow the project developer to ask “What if” as it relates to layout, grading, and stormwater management within minutes.  Each site optimization uses thousands of algorithms to eliminate waste, take advantage of site opportunities, and quickly move toward more suitable sites.  With site cost data populated on the fly, developers can now approach a deal with peace of mind like never before.

Finally, SITEOPS seamlessly integrates with some of the better know 3D visualization programs to produce a concept that communicates exceptionally well to project stakeholders.  To see the power for yourself, check out the short clip below:


Georgia Civil, Inc. is a provider of civil, landscape architecture, and land surveying services in Georgia and South Carolina.  Georgia Civil was the initial adopter of the SITEOPS technology almost six years ago and is one of the most advanced users in the nation.  Contact WBA or Todd Peaster at Georgia Civil –,  to learn more about site optimization technology.