Ground breaking for George Blaurock Student Wellness Center, Truett- McConnell College

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Date: March 21, 2016

WBA Institutional Studio is the master architect for the brand new George Blaurock Student Center at Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, GA. The brand new 69,000 square feet building will have a gymnasium, 2 racquetball courts, aquatic center, cafes on each floor and a running track. The gymnasium has 3 courts and will also be used for intercollegiate basketball games with seating for 1,200 fans. An added benefit is that it is also open to the public via membership. The opening date is currently set for January 2017.

George Blaurock was one of the founders of the 16th century Anabaptism movement. He was known was the ‘Hercules of the Anabaptists’. He, and his followers, went door to door, church to church, and city to city proclaiming the word of the Gospel and building a steadfast following. As many leaders of faith he experienced suffering and exile for his belief and was eventually burned at the stake near Klausen, Austria on September 6, 1529.

George Blaurock Student Center at Truett-McConnell College


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