ArchiTech: Google's Tango

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Date: February 11, 2016


Google’s Project Tango digitizes spatial awareness in real time on a mobile platform.  I think Project Tango is THE democratizer for 3D scanning.  Anyone with a suitable hand-held device, like a google phone, will be able to capture their surroundings and generate a rich, accurate, digital environment in realtime with visual feedback.

Capturing the visual environment in real time is another leap forward in VR/AR by reducing the time required to create a point cloud or quantify ones immediate surrounding.  This should serve to accelerate BIM applications currently being realized on workstations and laptops with cloud access.

Imagine completing a field survey during your initial walkthrough of a space.  It won’t take a team of designers two or three days to document existing conditions.  Now a single designer can capture the space digitally while he or she walks around without once pulling out a tape measure , disto, or setting up a tripod and scanner. Using the realtime mesh capability, means that when the designer leaves the space, he or she is confident that they have captured the data they will need.

The potential uses for this technology are incredible and will only increase as the data is redisplayed and analyzed for use in other applications.  Having access to accurate 3D data is already changing the way Architects and Designers interact with the built environment.  Streamlining the data capture will definitely serve to expedite existing processes and encourage new services and improvements.

See the project here


By: Richard Binning, Director of BIM Technology; Check out his blog: Beside the Cursor;

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